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Handmade Process

The Creation of Your Art

SPI Gallery is a team of talented 2-D artists, sculptors, and craftsmen. Each SPI Gallery original begins life as a 2-D concept art designed by our team of talented artists in Northern California. Our master sculptors breathe life into the artwork with weeks of hand sculpting in modeling clay. Each part is cast in our own foundry using either the lost wax or sand casting method. Artisans take the various cast parts and carefully weld them together. After days of welding, sanding, and polishing, the metal sculptures take its final form and patina artists have their turn.

  • The Hot Patina finish is a method in which the brass surface is heated with blow torched and covered in a secret formulation of chemicals that react with the metal. Several coats of hand waxing result in a deep, vibrant, layered finish with complex yet subtle patterns. Since this is hand crafted, no two sculptures are the same.
  • The Imperial finish is carefully hand painted on brass, then a lacquer formula, and then hand polished. With this finish, you will see a coppery glow and a sheen that looks amazing in the light.
  • The Retro Art finish has a simply put, retro-like appearance which you may find in museums. Reflections and contrasts are visible, as well as small brass highlights.